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Stonewall Kickball

Spring 2024 Kickball

Stonewall is bringing back everyone's favorite sport! Players can join our Back to Basics Season. So get ready to meet new folks, have fun, and raise money for good causes. 


Kickball game days will occur at Roosevelt Park. All games will be played on Sundays between 11:00 AM and 4:00PM, Games are 5 innings or 50 minutes each.

Regular games run most Sundays from April 7th- June 2nd. Tournament will run June 9th between 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

Spring 2024 Season Guide

Spring 2024 Rules


Registration is 50 dollars per player. If cost is a barrier, reach out to Justin at for alternative solutions - your request will be kept confidential.

Register for the main league as an individual or with your friends (in groups of up to 4 people). Captains can also register a team consisting of up to 15 players total (including themselves). We'll ultimately ensure every team has 18-20 players. 


To keep up with updates, check back here or check:

Answers to FAQs are below. Still have questions? Email the Kickball Director, Brandon, at

Who can join Stonewall Sports?

Anyone and everyone! Yes, even you. We're building a community where everyone has a spot on the team -- regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation or physical ability. This social sports league is designed to ensure that everyone gets to meet new people, go outside their comfort zone and have a ton of fun.

Whether you've never played sports in your life or you've been playing in adult leagues for years, you'll have a place in this community. In case you're unsure about sports, we'll offer multiple learning sessions as well as social events (happy hours, mixers, etc.) throughout the season.

What if I don't know how to play kickball?

No problem! Join our main league. Our full rulebook and additional resources are linked above. 

We're also offering an open Kickball 101 Clinic before the season begins to teach you the basics and ensure you have an opportunity to practice.

Even if you can just show up to the first game and learn as you go, you'll have plenty of support -- we promise!

What's the time commitment to play?

As a player, you'll play one scheduled game each Sunday afternoon during the season and play in the playoff tournament. You're highly encouraged to attend each game during the season and coordinate with your team captain to work around schedules and prior commitments. (Teams that are unable to field the minimum 8 players will forfeit the game.)

Remember that this league is all about the community, so there will be plenty of opportunities to connect outside gameplay. We encourage teams to host their own brunches and afterparties at our partner bar(s), or to just hang out at the park and watch other games! Inter-team scrimmages or socials are also encouraged and welcomed.

How much will it cost?

We're committed to accessibility. Registration for Kickball will cost 50 dollars for the season plus a small online processing fee, making it one of the cheapest social sports offerings in Baltimore.

Additionally, we have limited funds set aside for individuals who are unable to pay. Email Justin at to find out more (your inquiry will be kept completely confidential).

Do I need to have any special equipment?

Nope! We'll provide all of the field equipment for gameplay and you'll receive a team t-shirt for the current season.

  • You must wear your current-season shirt and close-toed shoes in order to play
  • Gloves are prohibited during gameplay
  • Cleats are allowed, as long as they don't have metal bottoms.

How do I join as a player?

We'll form the final teams of 18-20 so everyone meets new people and no one feels like an outsider. There are several ways to join a team:

  • Join on your own, as a free agent: You don't need to know anyone to join! If you join as a free agent (as an individual), we'll place you with a team so you can expand your social circles.
  • Join with a group of your friends: If you have friends you'd like to play with, feel free to register together! Up to 15 people can join in a single group to ensure you stay together. (Note that groups with 4+ players will be asked to provide a team captain.)
  • Join as a captain: By becoming a team captain, you can fill up to half your roster (up to 10 people) on your own and build the team culture and ethos you'd like to see. We'll add free agents to your team to fill out your roster!
  • Join as a "Friend of Stonewall": If you're not ready to play on a team but still want to participate in the league, you can register to be a Friend of Stonewall! You'll receive a league shirt, invitations to games and socials, and notifications about all events/specials. 

How can I help out with the league?

Our organization is completely volunteer-led and there are many ways to get involved.

  • Join our leadership team: We're still looking for folks to join our board and help build this community. If you're interested, email
  • Become a team captain: Our community relies on captains who can be excellent communicators, mediators and leaders. Read about the role.
  • Become a team base ref: Each team will need to provide a base ref every week (for a different game) -- someone who can assist the umpire in making calls. You don't need to be certified, but you will need to learn the kickball rules!
  • Become an umpire: We need umpires for every game! While no prior experience is necessary, you will have to go through a certification process. If you're interested, contact


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