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Our Story

Why we started this organization...

Baltimore is an incredible city on the forefront of arts, food, and social justice. Indeed, the ideas and conversations  in Baltimore around neighborhood development, racial reconciliation and community connection are becoming blueprints for the redevelopment of towns across the country. But amidst this progress, Baltimore's large LGBTQ+ population remains fragmented - a trend that has been accelerated by closures of major bars and other queer spaces over the last 10 years.

We want a new platform for the LGBTQ+ community -- a platform that doesn't rely on specific bars or infrastructure, but provides new and easy ways for folks to connect. Our team is united in our resolve to create a community where everyone sees their value and everyone feels like they belong, regardless of their age, race, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation or physical ability.

We're excited to partner with Stonewall Sports to build that platform. Social sports are powerful, fun ways to bring people together (a fact proven by amazing groups like the Baltimore Flamingoes and Queer City Sports). Our team wanted to build upon the foundation of those  initiatives. Stonewall Sports has an incredible history of strengthening the LGBTQ+ community in cities across the country. In the process, they've raised hundreds of thousands of philanthropic dollars for LGBTQ+ efforts. We're excited to bring their focus and network to Baltimore.

We hope you join us. The only way this community will succeed is if you join it: your participation, your voice, your smile. We're excited to connect and work together to build an even stronger LGBTQ+ community here in Baltimore.

With love,

Stonewall Baltimore's Founding Leadership Team

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