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Guiding Principles and Bylaws

Community Norms

Our primary goal is to build a stronger LGBTQ+ community where everyone has a place and everyone feels like they belong. In order to do that, we use these norms to guide how we engage with one another.



Use Radical Candor

Show up in an authentic, transparent way. Be direct with kindness and offer feedback to support the growth of others.

Assume Positive Intentions

Vocalize when someone's words or actions have caused harm and work together to find a path forward.

Respect Each Individual

Treat every person as they would like to be treated. Respect and strengthen all identities in both your words and actions.

Fail Forward

Recognize your own room for growth. Learn from setbacks and from others. Be adaptable to change.

Participant Code of Conduct

All players and event participants are expected to follow the Code of Conduct to maximize the safety, comfort, and fun of all Stonewall members.

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Stonewall Baltimore and its Board are governed by our Bylaws.

Official Bylaws

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